Friday, September 11, 2009

More Monkey Business

So far, I've had TWO people send me cross-marketing contest entries. TWO. I'm starting to feel like I'm at one of those awkward, unfabulous book signings and nobody is showing up.

In the hopes of inspiring others to be inspired, I have included two additional pictures of my own to the legitimate submissions posted below. Can I do that? I guess I can because it's my contest. bwah! No worries, though...I won't cheat and declare myself the winner of the Sea Monkeys. UNLESS, of course, they can be trained to fetch coffee. In that case, the gloves are off!

This first picture comes from the lovely and talented picture book author, Boni Ashburn. (HUSH, LITTLE DRAGON).
Let me guess. Flame-broiled?
This next weigh-funny pic comes from editor, Carol Hinz at Millbrook Press, and author Brian P. Cleary (ON THE SCALE, A WEIGHTY TALE).
Bok choy, bananas, and books! Oh, my! The world would be a much better place if books were included in the 5 A Day Campaign, no?
Me, plugging two favorites...(IN A BLUE ROOM by Jim Averbeck and A VISITOR FOR BEAR by Bonnie Becker)

Good news! With a little help from Benjamin Moore, you, too can have your own blue room!

Unwelcome pests?

groan! My bad, I know. But I bet you laughed.
Many thanks to Boni & Carol for their entries!


  1. Oh Kelly! These are so cute! Had a CRAZY couple of weeks here with the kids starting school. This is just too fun not to do at least one... I'm going to try REALLY HARD to get a pic to you this week!!!

  2. Ha! These are awesome. :)

  3. Carol Hinz posted some ideas after seeing your blog. Have you seen this?