Saturday, February 11, 2017

Would you like to see them again?

I'm so excited! ANTOINETTE GOES ON SALE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH! Valentine's Day! I'll be kicking off a national book tour on Monday in Phoenix with illustrator Christian Robinson. We'll be visiting 14 schools throughout the week in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Jose, Portland and Seattle. I hope GASTON fans enjoy this new book featuring my favorite Frenchies and poodles! Thank you for all your puppy love and support.

* "In a delightful sequel to 2014’s Gaston, Gaston the bulldog’s poodle counterpart, Antoinette, wonders what she has to offer.... an action-packed romp.... Robinson’s Parisian spreads are full of retro verve, but he doesn’t overlook the city’s ordinary inhabitants—a garbage collector, a bubble blower in the park, a woman in a head scarf driving a car. DiPucchio excels in showing rather than telling, and it’s clear that beneath Antoinette’s fluffy exterior lies the heart of a hero." (Publishers Weekly, November 2016, *STARRED REVIEW*)

* "Fans of Gaston (2014) rejoice! Now it's Antoinette's turn to for repeated readings." (Booklist, December 2016, *STARRED REVIEW*)

* "The beloved puppies of Gaston (2014) are back, this time with Antoinette's story of self-discovery as she reveals that every dog has a gift to share.... Once again, DiPucchio and Robinson don't miss a comedic beat, creating a playful and funny tale full of warmth that deftly explores complex themes of belonging, self-worth, and purpose. Robinson's seemingly simple artwork belies his masterful ability to imbue his characters and the places they live with an authenticity and humanity that move readers beyond the surface page.... A reassuring tale that celebrates the uniqueness of each dog (or person) and the creation of a purposeful life. Three cheers for the winning Antoinette, who "could not—would not—give up!"" (Kirkus Reviews, December 2016, *STARRED REVIEW*)


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