Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zombie Party!

Last weekend I was in New York City for a freakishly fabulous zombie party at Simon & Schuster. The party was a scream. Heartfelt thanks to Namrata Tripathi and Sonia Chaghatzbanian. I had a bloody good time!

Super talented & super nice ZOMBIE IN LOVE illustrator, Scott Campbell (pictured with severed foot)

Available wherever books are sold AUGUST 2011!

The first signed copy!

Zombie valentines!

The chocolate eye balls were to die for!

Mmm...finger food!

The Medulla Oblongata red wine was divine!

Zombie team: (left to right) Sonia Chaghatzbanian, me, Scott Campbell, and Nami Tripathi.

The NYC trip doubled as a Ghouls' Weekend! My booootiful traveling companions - my daughter, Hannah & my mother, Lorraine.


  1. This is an author's dream, Kelly!!!!

    I'm suddenly craving brains.

  2. It was an author's dream, Tammi!

    Sterling should totally throw a chicken-themed party for you. Just think of all the different ways they could serve eggs!

  3. That looks like SCARY fun, Kelly! I don't think I've ever seen eye balls look so delicious!

  4. The eye balls were really incredible, Jenni. They were made with crushed Oreos and cream cheese - they were like truffles. Yum.