Thursday, July 1, 2010

25 Things You Don't Know About Me...

1. I got fired from my very first waitressing job at BIG BOY.

2. I have freakishly small baby toes.

3. I grew up in a haunted house. (this one---> )

4. I love to watch TOP CHEF, but I hate to cook.

5. I believe in extraterrestrials.

6. I delivered all three of my children without any pain medication. Two were delivered by a midwife.

7. When I was a child, I had a pet goat named Ladybird Johnson.
<-----this is her.

8. I like liverwurst sandwiches.

9. My appendix was removed by mistake.

10. I started writing children's books because of a dream my aunt had after my grandpa died in 1993.

11. For 20 years I drank instant coffee (gack!). Now I am a total coffee snob and I only drink brewed Starbucks French Roast.

12. I dislike Christmas.

13. I take at least 20 vitamin, mineral, & herb suppliments every day.

14. I have Barry Manilow songs on my iPod.

15. I am most proud that my children have a sense of humor.

16. When I was a child, I caught a live bat and kept it as a pet for a whole week.

17. My grandma will be 103 years old in September.

18. I like burnt potato chips.

19. My favorite flowers are lilacs.

20. The first picture book I ever wrote was about a turtle who wanted to learn how to dance. (I am a terrible dancer!)

21. I have a bachelor's degree in child psych. & development.

22. Five years ago a psychic predicted that one of my books would be featured on Good Morning America. I did not believe her. (THE SANDWICH SWAP, April 27, 2010)

23. Sedona, Arizona is one of my favorite places on the planet. Ironically, my favorite thing to do on vacation is beachcombing.

24. I love the smell of puppies.

25. I'm not very good at updating my blog, but you probably already know that!


  1. Oh Kelly, what a lovely post! We have WAY MORE in common than I thought. In fact, I got fired from my first two waitressing jobs... Then I took the hint and got an office administration job - LOL! I envy you for being able to deliver your kids naturally. I tried, but had to have an emergency c-section with my first, seeing how he was almost 10 lbs. I always joke that I'd still be in labor if it weren't for that c-section. hee hee. My 2nd and 3rd were also a C.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks, Jenni! An almost 10 lb. baby out of bitty you? Aye!
    After I got fired from Big Boy (I didn't attend a mandatory meeting and I didn't think they were serious when they said "manditory" -LOL.) I held several other waitressing jobs and to this day, I have nightmares a couple times a year about being in "the weeds" and not being able to get to all of my tables. Ugh!